Cym & Nadira Alaraj

‘A man off his word’

How many people these days can do what they promised to do? The people did change, no more we can find a handful of people whom we can rely on.  If this is on the personal level, what we can say about the community level? How can we solve conflicts? How can we protect people’s identity? How can we protect people’s dignity? Is there a way to protect those people? Is the international community doing its job? Are the decisions taken at the international forums walking the talks? Continue reading

Samar Ghattas

Samar Ghattas is a modern Palestinian visual Artist. She received her Master degree in fine arts and graphic design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Ukraine. Thereafter she returned to her homeland Bethlehem, Continue reading

Ida Kreutzer

Die Fotoserie “Women” entstand über mehrere Jahre und so, wie die Modelle vor der Kamera gewechselt haben, hat sich auch mein Blickwinkel zum Thema verändert.

Zuerst wollte ich die interessanten Frauen, die ich Continue reading

Simona Dobrescu

My artistic projects are connected to the contemporary reality issues and reflect themes such as: feminism/feminality relation, identity aspects, analysis of gestures and elements in the socio-cultural structure of Continue reading